Allovue: Senior Elixir Developer

Headquarters: Baltimore, MD


Allovue believes every student deserves access to the resources they need to be successful in school. Our education resource planning software empowers K-12 administrators at every level to allocate resources to best support the needs of their students. We seek people who are creative, funny, humble, flexible, motivated, collaborative, and problem-solvers. We love and respect our team members. We also love silly GIFs.
We are only accepting applicants from the U.S.
As a Senior Software (Elixir) Developer at Allovue, you will have the important responsibility to build web applications that enable resources to be allocated equitably to K-12 students. You can contribute to our mission by:
  • Prioritizing code readability over eloquence or performance
  • Being passionate about learning
  • Exercising discipline by writing tests, creating small Pull Requests, avoiding leaky abstractions, and cleaning up after yourself
  • Making good choices on your own
  • Helping our team improve in a kind, humble, flexible way
  • Taking responsibility for delivering large changes in an efficient, effective way
  • Collaborating with team members in all parts of the company to create the best solutions possible
  • Making wise decisions about what existing tools to leverage, if any
  • Generate tasks to implement approved product ideas
  • Document your pull requests as a communication tool to the team, including providing QA steps for product managers and directing other engineers toward notable changes.
  • Provide feedback to your team members on their pull requests, including code quality changes as well as comments and responses for the rest of the team to learn from.
  • “Leave it better than you found it” – proactively refactor complex code, add documentation, and/or improve test coverage as you work in a part of our codebase.
  • Contribute to our “Techy Talk Tuesdays” to spread best practices and technical knowledge
  • Significant experience developing and maintaining web applications
  • Relational Database/SQL expertise
  • Maintained a production web application long enough to have suffered from your own bad decisions
  • Experience teaching and helping other engineers
  • Experience collaborating and planning with multiple types of product stakeholders
  • Experience using multiple programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and tools
  • Experience writing maintainable, automated tests
  • Experience using Git version control system
  • Experience having the primary responsibility to deliver large product features
  • Experience modeling domain data to support current and anticipated functionality
  • Experience investigating performance “hot spots” to determine root causes of slow performance, develop a plan for remediation, and execute on that plan.
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix Live View
  • Tailwind CSS
  • PostgreSQL

While professional experience with Elixir is not required, we are looking for someone with hands-on experience with the language. This might include a personal side project, working through Advent of Code, or some other exercises with Elixir to explore the language.
  • Experience with accounting, HR, or ERP systems
  • Experience with K-12 schools
  • Teacher who has switched careers
Salary Range: $118-144K

To apply:

We Work Remotely: Full-Stack Programming Jobs

To apply, please visit this link.

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