Contra: Game Developer in Unreal Engine

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Looking to hire an Unreal Engine Game Developer with experience in Blueprints. The project is a medieval adventure/fantasy game prototype; with Soulslight-style locomotion and combat system, or, as a reference, the game Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Work is focused on blueprints; it does not require 3D Modeling, nor Level Design, and it does not require Sound Design. The project already has 3D assets for the player, bots (AI), scenarios, and has ready-made animations. The dev may; work with Blueprints assets from the UE Marketplace, create Blueprints from scratch, or, find the middle ground that best applies to each task.


Create and edit Blueprints for locomotion, combat with attacks, combos, blocks, life and respawn, advanced locomotion (e.g. vaulting over obstacles, climbing walls, etc.), animation overlay systems for the player (e.g. breathing, hurt pose) and bots, bug fix, etc. Perform tasks aiming for quality and efficiency. Refine the work to achieve the ideal end result. Flexible deadlines.

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