Course Concierge: – Wanted: Norwegian-speaking Executive Assistant for three overloaded international entrepreneurs

Headquarters: Los Angeles


*Please note: We’ve initiated a trial for the role, but you are free to apply if you believe you’d be an excellent fit in the case that the trial doesn’t work out as planned.

Hi there,

My name’s Edward. I’m looking for someone who can be something of a ‘bionic’ assistant – able to deal both with requests from very high-ranking people, and who is able to manage fine-tune details of a travel itinerary. (Think: a real life Pepper Potts.)
Someone who is committed to the art of assisting, and who aspires to growth in the direction of evermore responsibility in the role of an executive assistant.
If you’re:
– At a crossroads in your life, wondering what to do next;
– Feeling like you have a lot to give, but aren’t presently sure how to harness it; 
– Excited at the prospect of joining a thriving team;
– Seeking an opportunity to prove yourself;
…This could be a dream opportunity for you.
We want someone who would relish helping ambitious and fast-moving entrepreneurs organise their lives; stay on track; and be a crucial ballast in helping achieve what we’re going on to do.
My co-founder Till and I co-founded a company called Course Concierge in 2017.  It was an online course publishing house for New York Times best-selling authors, TED speakers, and those with something to say. You can see more about the company here: 
We’re starting a new venture with one of our clients, who is a prominent Norwegian personality. We’re going places, and you will be working with the three of us co-founders.
I’m based in London. Till is based in Los Angeles. Our third partner is based in Norway (though frequently travelling). Requirement: our ideal candidate, thus, has perfect written and spoken English and Norwegian.
A passage that inspires us, in how we like to run companies – from Marc Andreessen (of a16z):
‘We had decided one of the values of the firm is respect for the people we work with. And part of that respect is, we don’t drop balls. We respond quickly and we get back to people in a specific period of time. We use the old J.P.

Morgan saying of “first class business in a first class way”.  If you contact us, you’re going to get a response. If we commit to doing something, we’re going to do that thing.’
In helping us at all times adhere to this, your duties will include:
– Itinerary planning for productions. This includes both travel management, and booking locations to shoot, getting permits (for filming), managing licensing requests and the like. The last trip I took to the US, I changed my itinerary five times mid-trip. This is typical. We need someone okay with this – and who can still help ensure things run to schedule.
– Management of personal inboxes – screening and responding to emails. Dealing with sponsor requests; being able to decline opportunities in a polite and professional (though occasionally firm) way. Supreme attention to detail and writing etiquette in this. (Some of this being in Norwegian.) We want someone who, even in their own private WhatsApp messages, upholds a near-flawless level of grammar.
– Occasional gift buying for team members and important people in our lives. And management of personal things for us: medical appointments, and helping plan fun weekend activities.
– Once having proved yourself, the potential to mastermind and project-manage entire team/company/partner retreats. (Our last was a three-day ski/snowboard holiday in Saint-Gervais, Mont-Blanc.)
We want someone who is relentlessly resourceful in overcoming obstacles. When everyone is telling you ‘No, this can’t be done’ , you – through a mix of creative thinking, perseverance, and charm – find a way to make it happen.

Initiative, and you don’t give up.
The position will start at 25 hours per week, and pay will be set at a competitive rate. Inside six–12 months, the role will likely be nearer full-time.
This position is entirely remote. You can work your own hours. (This is not a conventional 9–5.) Though we tend to think, for time zones, the ideal candidate will live in Europe.
To apply, please write to with a short cover letter noting why you think you would be a good fit. Please do not send a CV. (We don’t care where anyone went to university – or even that you went at all.) But please do include a single attachment of one travel itinerary you have put together for something. This can be anything at all (personal or professional). We just want a clear example in presentation of how you’ve organised some kind of trip.
We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but for those who stand out, we will be in touch within two weeks to discuss next steps. There’s no application deadline, but those who apply sooner are at an advantage. 
We will pick two candidates from interviews to begin a paid trial to assess on-the-job performance. One person will then be chosen for the ongoing role.
The successful candidate will become an integral part of the company. Like any assistant position, they’ll be in a role of deep insight and intimacy, and it’s one we’ll be selecting for carefully.
Thank you for considering the position. If you’re feeling on the fence about applying: please do. 

Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you,


To apply:

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