Marketing Specialist | Abbott

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Seoul, Seoul, KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: To align with marketing budget, monitoring and maintain marketing metrics and budgets. Responsible for all administrative work supporting, creating, executing and delivering marketing to get the growth and expansion of company products and services. To ensure creative promotional marketing materials and adhere to brand guideline Attend relevant conference, seminar and workshops to demonstrate products and evaluate the appropriateness of our promotional material Fully abide by the corresponded regulations, enforcement, and guidelines, etc. To ensure compliance in performing the overall reporting activities. (KMDIA reporting, reviewing, administrative work) Ensure ongoing, timely customer support for all defined products by providing product information through appropriate communication channels. Work closely with the sales team and product managers on program development and implementation. Communicate with Internal and external stakeholders for support Perform various administrative functions as required Periodically record every work and file all documents for the retention. In addition to the progress of the new project, the work presented by the marketing manager is carried out QUALIFICATIONS: M inimum of Bachelor’s degree. Equivalent education/work experience will be considered. Exceptional computer proficiency in  Word, Excel and Power Point Proficient in writing e-mail in English Able to speak English in an intermediate-level Ability to manage multiple projects while delivering on established timelines Excellent communication skill.

Strong decision-making, problem solving and excellent interpersonal and project management skills Preferred Qualification : Experience gained in multinational medical device companies will be an advantage (KMDIA code) Prefer a variety of program users (Veeva Vault, One force, Power BI, Marketo, etc)



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