RapidSeedbox Ltd: SRE Engineer (Linux Infrastructure Development Engineer)

Headquarters: 100% Remote

URL: https://www.rapidseedbox.com/

We are a remote SaaS company with a mission to provide online anonymity to people worldwide. With a rich history in the Hosting and Networking domain, we’ve been operating in the anonymity space since 2008, serving thousands of active clients. with a clear vision for the future, our passionate and diverse team is continuously expanding, and we are on the lookout for a SRE Engineer (Linux Infrastructure Development Engineer) to join us on our exciting journey.
About the Role:
As a Senior Linux Infrastructure Development Engineer, you are a key player in to maintaining and optimizing our complex infrastructure.
What you’ll be responsible for:
·         Linux system administration: Our infrastructure consists of over 300 Bare-Metal servers in different data centers. With in-depth knowledge of the Linux operating system and its components, including file systems, processes, network protocols, and security you will ensure that the infrastructure runs smoothly and securely.
·         Configuration management tools (e.g., Ansible): You will use and manage configuration management tools to automate the deployment and management of software and infrastructure. This is important for reducing manual errors and improving the consistency of the infrastructure. You have 3 years of Ansible and Bash scripting experience.
·         Scripting languages (e.g., Bash, Python): You will write and maintain scripts for automating repetitive tasks, configuring systems, and deploying applications. This is important for improving efficiency, reducing errors, and enabling reproducible deployments.
·         Linux template development and deployment: You will create and manage Linux templates for virtual machines or containers, and deploy them across the infrastructure. This is important for ensuring consistency and standardization of the infrastructure, and for enabling rapid deployment of new systems or applications.
·         Containerization and virtualization (e.g., OpenVZ, OpenStack, Docker, Proxmox): We have 5000+ containers/virtual machines.
·         Infrastructure research & development: You will stay up-to-date with the latest infrastructure technologies and trends enabling you to design and implement innovative solutions that improve efficiency and reliability.
·         Networking knowledge: You understand networking concepts and protocols are important for designing, implementing, and troubleshooting complex network infrastructures that support application and service delivery.
·         Monitoring systems: You possess knowledge of monitoring tools and the ability to configure, troubleshoot, and optimize them to ensure high availability and performance of the infrastructure. This is important for detecting and responding to issues on time.
·         Security best practices: You will ensure the security of infrastructure components is critical to protecting sensitive data and maintaining the overall integrity of applications and services.
You’ll be a great fit if you are:
  • Excellent in problem-solving: You can identify, analyze, and resolve complex infrastructure issues is essential for maintaining a reliable and high-performing environment.
  • Strong in communication and collaboration: You effectively communicate with team members, stakeholders, and clients to understand requirements, share knowledge, and ensure a seamless workflow.
  • Great in time management and organization: You balance multiple tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities to stay productive and deliver projects on time.
  • Adaptable and continuous learner: You are open to learning new technologies and adapting to changes to bring innovation to your infrastructure projects.
  • A Mentor:  As an Infrastructure Engineer, you guide and mentor junior team members to help foster a collaborative environment and ensure the team stays aligned with best practices and project goal
What We Offer:
·         Remote Work: Enjoy the flexibility of working 100% remotely from the comfort of your home or any location worldwide.
·         Unlimited Vacation: Take as many vacation days as you need to ensure you are well-rested and ready to tackle new challenges.
·         Professional Growth: As we are a small company, you’ll have the chance to engage with various aspects of the business, fostering your professional development.
·         Personal Development Fund: We support your ongoing learning journey by providing a personal development fund each year.
·         Emergency Fund: We offer an interest-free emergency fund with comfortable payouts to help you in times of need.
·         Company Retreats: While we are a fully remote company, we believe in teamwork and we want you to feel you belong here. We strive to organize yearly company retreats where everyone is invited. We believe in hard work, but also in having a good time!
Interview flow:
·         Application: Everything starts with getting in touch. The best way to express your interest is by applying online
·         HR Interview: If your profile aligns with our requirements, we’ll invite you for an HR interview.
·         Technical Interview/Test: You may undergo a technical interview or complete a relevant test.
·         Online Interviews: You may have up to three online interviews with various team members.
·         Reference Check: We will kindly request you to arrange a reference check before we extend a job offer.
If this opportunity resonates with you, we are excited to meet you and welcome you to the RapidSeedbox team!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/rapidseedbox-ltd-sre-engineer-linux-infrastructure-development-engineer-1

We Work Remotely: DevOps and Sysadmin Jobs

To apply, please visit this link.

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