Revolution Prep: Fully Remote Part-Time Tutor

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA


Boost your income and make a meaningful difference in students’ lives—all from the comfort of your home. Join Revolution Prep as a part-time tutor and benefit from the stability and perks of being a W-2 employee, not a contractor. We provide a dynamic in-house curriculum with a wealth of resources, so you can focus on teaching without the hassle of creating lesson plans or hunting down materials. Best of all, we offer paid training, prep time, and a supportive tutor community to help you do what you do best: help students.
About the Role & Compensation:
  • Lead dynamic tutoring sessions, including executive function coaching (90%)
  • Discuss educational progress with students and families (5%)
  • Utilize our curated resources for stress-free planning (5%)
  • Part-time: 12-hour minimum commitment with 16 hours availability, including evenings and weekends
  • Pay: $25-$28 per hour for tutoring; prep and training time compensated at $10 per hour or your local minimum wage (whichever’s higher)
Qualifications & Requirements:
  • Completed Bachelor’s degree mandatory; additional qualifications a plus
  • U.S. citizenship and current residence required
  • Teaching or tutoring experience desired but not mandatory; expertise in STEM and/or AP subjects and foreign languages (especially Chinese) a plus
  • Reliable high-speed internet and quiet, professional space; technology kit provided if needed (webcam, headset, ring light, green screen, annotation tablet)
  • The ability to commit to the same 16 hours of availability week-on-week during weekday afternoons/evenings and at least 8 hours of weekends.
Why Join Us:
  • Paid prep time and subject-specific materials provided
  • 13 hours of paid onboarding training + ongoing professional development
  • No competing for hours, hours are based on availability and subject expertise
  • Engaging community and supportive Faculty Leaders for constant support
  • Opportunity to focus on holistic development of students, including life skills
Schedule Requirements
Availability: Post at least 16 prime-time hours weekly in 4+ hour blocks, the same hours every week. Our goal is to book you for 12 tutoring hours per week depending on student demand. If you are interested in up to 20 hours, that is possible, and will depend on availability, subject coverage, and student demand.
Prime-time Hours when availability should be posted:
  • Mon-Thu: 4-10 pm ET
  • Sat: 9 am – 6 pm ET
  • Sun: 11 am – 10 pm ET
  • Weekends: At least 8 hours of weekend availability is required.
Advance Planning: Preference will go to those who can post schedules 9+ months ahead and those who can commit to consistent hours week on week. Please submit time-off requests 4 weeks in advance.
Connect With Us
Q: What educational qualifications are needed?
A: A completed bachelor’s degree is required. Advanced degrees, certifications, and specializations are welcome.
Q: How does Revolution Prep prioritize diversity?
A: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We have employees from many backgrounds, and we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. We also believe in supporting the diverse needs of our students through training on learning differences and culturally responsive teaching.
Q: What’s the schedule like?
A: You’re required to post at least 16 hours of consistent availability each week, 8 of which should be on weekends. These should be in 4-hour blocks and extend 9+ months into the future. (See “Schedule Requirements” above for details). You’ll receive at least 24 hours notice if you’re booked for a session.
Q: Are there additional responsibilities?
A: In addition to tutoring, you’ll communicate with families about student progress and prepare for sessions using company-provided materials. Both collectively make up around 10% of your workload and are paid time. We also offer ongoing professional development which is paid.
Q: Is the pay negotiable?
A: Starting rate is from $25 per hour, expertise in specialized subjects like AP Physics or AP Computer Science may lead to a starting rate of up to $28 an hour.
Q: Is tech provided?
A: We offer a tech kit for tutors who need it. This kit includes essentials like a webcam, headset, green screen, and annotation tablet.
To be successful in the online Adjunct Tutor role, your computer must meet the minimum requirements listed below:
  • A Mac/PC desktop or laptop
  • Mac users: Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) or later
  • PC users: Windows 8.1 or later
  • High-speed internet with strong and reliable reception/service, provided through an ethernet connection
  • 4GB or more of available memory/RAM
Q: Is there a background check?
A: Yes, all tutors undergo a comprehensive background check to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.
Q: How flexible is the time-off policy?
A: Requests for time off must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance. We understand emergencies happen, so we have systems in place for coverage in those events.
Q: Is ongoing training part of the role?
A: Yes, ongoing professional development is encouraged – we offer 24 hours of training per year after the initial onboarding.

To apply:

We Work Remotely: All Other Remote Jobs

To apply, please visit this link.

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