Scanz: Kotlin / Java Backend Developer

Headquarters: Bahamas


Minimum 6 hours overlap with EST UTC-5 timezone.

We are seeking an expert-level Backend Developer to join our dynamic team and contribute to the development of robust, scalable server-side applications and data pipelines. You will primarily work with Spring Webflux and Kotlin (and Java). Although existing expertise in Kotlin is preferred, a deep understanding of Java is acceptable if there’s a willingness to adapt and transition quickly.
Scanz is a leading SaaS Trader Terminal that provides a suite of real-time trading tools to help traders and investors identify live trading opportunities in the US stock market. We are dedicated to offering our users – from trading pros to absolute beginners – an intuitive and efficient trading experience.
  • Design and implement server-side logic using Spring Webflux and Kotlin.
  • Build robust, reliable, fault-tolerant data pipelines that process millions of operations daily.
  • Collaborate with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic.
  • Develop and maintain APIs, ensuring high performance and responsiveness.
  • Contribute to database design and implementation (PostgreSQL).
  • Improve the system’s throughput and incorporate performance testing into our CI pipelines.
  • Scale services horizontally.
  • Contribute to weekly standup.
  • Strong proficiency in Kotlin / Java.
  • Proficiency with Kotlin coroutines (flows).
  • Proficiency with Spring Webflux and Reactive Streams back pressure.
  • Self-motivated developer comfortable working as a core member on an A-list team of backend and frontend developers split over different time zones.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills within an asynchronous environment (Slack, Loom).
  • Deep-level understanding of distributed systems and how to make fault-tolerant applications.
  • Experience with containerization technologies (Kubernetes, Docker).
  • Strong familiarity with database systems, particularly PostgreSQL.
  • Comfortable using AWS and cloud computing platforms.
  • Solid understanding of the testing pyramid, specifically unit, integration, and E2E tests.
  • Readiness and desire to participate in code reviews.
Back End Tech Stack:
  • Kotlin
  • Spring Webflux
  • Ktor Server
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • RSocket
  • Ktor Client
  • Kotlinx Serialization
  • Quartz
  • Kotest + JUnit
  • Gradle
Front End Tech Stack:
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • React (with hooks)
  • SharedWorker
  • TypeScript
  • NPM
  • Gradle
  • AWS + S3
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Jenkins
  • Github

To apply:

We Work Remotely: Back-End Programming Jobs

To apply, please visit this link.

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