Vizcom: Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

Headquarters: San Francisco



TL;DR: We’re Vizcom, a start-up creating innovative tools for industrial design with AI, and we’re hiring. We’re looking for a Full-Stack Web Engineer to join our growing, down-to-earth, remote team. If you’re a problem-solver, interested in design and technology, and focused on getting things done, we’re looking for you.

About Vizcom

Vizcom is changing the game for industrial design with our Generative AI technology. Our tools, utilized by leading companies like Ford, Toyota, and Nike, are transforming traditional design workflows.

We’re a small team, focused on collaboration and valuing each other’s contributions. As we grow, we’re committed to maintaining our grounded, team-first culture.

The Role

We’re hiring a Full-Stack Web Engineer to help us advance our product. We need a problem-solver with the technical skills to integrate diverse technologies into a unified, effective product.

  • Incorporate open-source Generative AI into our product.
  • Work with our tech stack: React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Pulumi, AWS, HTML Canvas, and WebGL.
  • Implement solutions using Docker, Kubernetes, and Pulumi.
  • Contribute to our company culture, processes, and future team growth.

About You

We’re looking for someone with:

Knowledge and experience in Generative AI frameworks, like stable diffusion. Strong engineering skills and a love for solving problems. A passion for contributing to the future of design and technology.

Perks and Benefits

Competitive salary and equity package. Flexible work hours and location. We also offer relocation assistance, if needed. The chance to make a significant impact in a growing start-up. We’re more interested in what you can do, rather than your qualifications or years of experience.

Application Process

Ready to join us? Send your resume and GitHub profile to with “Full Stack Web Engineer” as the subject.

At Vizcom, we value what you’ve accomplished more than what’s on your resume, so we’re especially interested in seeing the projects you’ve worked on. Join us, and let’s build the future of design together.

To apply:

We Work Remotely: Full-Stack Programming Jobs

To apply, please visit this link.

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