WebPunch: Review Responder

Headquarters: Denver, CO

URL: http://www.webpunch.com

We need someone capable of responding to online reviews for most of the day (especially during Spring and Summer). We need a technically proficient, creative writer, who can write in different styles to respond to our customer’s online reviews. In addition to responding to reviews, this person needs to write business blog articles that relate to our wheelhouse, social media posts, and edit the heck out of proposals and other businessy materials. Having a customer service mindset and understanding how to solve problems with your words are both incredibly important qualities to have for this position. Once in a while, this person might need to reach out to our customers to nudge them into writing us a review too! I know, we’re all about pushing you outside your comfort zone. Marketing and business experience is a major plus as our team works on different marketing campaigns on the regular. Being a team player and having a willingness to jump into any challenge our business faces is required. You must be located in the US to be considered.
Some Perks
+2 weeks vacation in addition to 30 days of paid office holidays (including taking the day off for your birthday)
+We don’t require anyone to work over 40 hours a week and never work on the weekend (we want everyone to have a fantastic life outside of work)
+Quarterly team virtual events from truffle making to hiring a magician for all the WebPunch families to attend (of course, dinner provided)
+Headspace to help meditate (you get paid to meditate)
+Becoming Your Best Self (a WebPunch initiative to help you realize your dreams and become the best you)
+Employee Incentive plan (where you can earn a gift card to Amazon, Starbucks, and other fun things)
+MacBook, if needed

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/webpunch-review-responder

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To apply, please visit this link.

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