Freelancer Jobs That Pay

Freelancing makes it possible for anyone to make a living even online.‭

‬Innovations in technology make it easier for just about anyone not just to do freelancing jobs,‭ ‬but even create streams of passive income that will make money even when one’s asleep.‭

‬If you are looking for ways to do just that‭ ‬–‭ ‬escape the ratrace,‭ ‬make your own work routine,‭ ‬and be not dependent on a bundy clock to tell you when you need to work or not,‭ ‬you can always consider one of the many ways to work from home‭ (‬or anywhere it may be possible to do so‭) ‬and make money,‭ ‬such as those that I will mention later.‭

What is even better doing these alternative jobs,‭ ‬is that you really do not have to spend much. There is no joining fee to start with.‭ ‬You also get to choose what jobs to do and how to do it.‭ ‬


freelancer jobs that pay

Even with the number of offers that you may see online,‭ ‬it is still vital that adequate research about the company is considered before engaging with the employer or the job poster,‭ ‬however.‭ ‬

Remember that you won’t be speaking with a prospective employer in person.‭ ‬The only thing that will connect you to your employer or job poster is the internet.‭

Fortunately,‭ ‬there are well-established companies that make it easier to separate the real offers from otherwise.‭ ‬These companies have created portals or websites with security features that help eliminate scammers from gaining access to the site.‭ ‬

But, then, again,‭ ‬you need to make your own research and follow the rules on the platform to stay safe.‭ ‬So,‭ ‬if the site indicate that all communications should be conducted within the portal or your dashboard,‭ ‬then it should be done that way.‭ ‬That gives an assurance that the person or company representative that you will be dealing with will be providing an appropriate offer that actually pays.‭


Here are some of the websites that you may want to check to start your freelancing career:‭

1.‭Fiverr. ‬Fiverr is a freelance that connects contractors providing different services with registered clients.‭ ‬Those with skills and experience in various fields such as graphics and design,‭ ‬content creation,‭ ‬digital marketing,‭ ‬animation,‭ ‬programming,‭ ‬web development,‭ ‬and more may offer their services as gigs on the platform.

2.‭ ‬Freelancer.‭ ‬This work anywhere hub connects more than‭ ‬39,193,493‭ ‬employers and freelancers worldwide from over‭ ‬247‭ ‬countries,‭ ‬regions,‭ ‬and territories.‭ ‬You can apply for just about any possible job there is available on this platform.‭

3.‭ ‬Peopleperhour.‭ ‬Peopleperhour has been helping freelancers since‭ ‬2007‭ ‬find work that suits their requirements.‭ ‬To date,‭ ‬the company has connected more than‭ ‬1‭ ‬million clients and freelancers and has paid more than‭ ‬£100‭ ‬million to freelancers.


4.‭ ‬CloudPeeps.‭ ‬Cloudpeeps connects businesses/clients with experienced independent professionals who are looking for remote work opportunities.‭ ‬Freelancers can set their rates‭ (‬hourly,‭ ‬fixed,‭ ‬or one-time‭) ‬and search for jobs by category,‭ ‬availability,‭ ‬type of work,‭ ‬and salary range.‭ ‬As a CloudPeep,‭ ‬you can either have a basic or a pro account.‭ ‬Pro Peeps have the opportunity to charge higher rates and also send more than‭ ‬3‭ ‬proposals that a basic peep is allowed to do.‭

5.‭ ‬Freelancewriting.‭ ‬‬This hub for writers and contractors is an excellent source of high-paying writing jobs.‭

6.‭ ‬Guru.‭ ‬As a freelance platform,‭ ‬ offers experienced freelancers an easier way of finding jobs and projects with its huge database of companies with current job requirements all over the world.‭ ‬It offers region-specific job posting and accepts a wide selection of job categories.‭ ‬Freelancers can easily communicate with employers,‭ ‬and vice versa,‭ ‬through the platform’s powerful dashboard that facilitates every transaction.‭ ‬Document sharing and crafting payment deals are other features that allow handling of projects hassle free.‭

7.‭ ‬Bark‭. ‬With‭ ‬job hunting becomes easier by acting as a link to prospective clients and businesses who may have current freelancer requirements.‭ ‬It affords independent professional service providers a means of showcasing their expertise on various categories,‭ ‬such as in content writing,‭ ‬transcribingn,‭ ‬translating,‭ ‬web designing,‭ ‬and other personal services.‭ ‬Clients and freelancers are assured that they are communicating in a secure environment and are provided exactly what they need to have the job done.‭

8.‭ ‬Asklorem.‭ ‬Maintaining an online business will be quite a challenge,‭ ‬especially for those who are just starting.‭ ‬Designating an IT division may be vital,‭ ‬but why should you look for permanent hires when there are experts that are available on demand.‭ ‬With Asklorem,‭ ‬it will be a breeze to find experts in website design,‭ ‬marketers,‭ ‬as well as those who can lend their expertise when your online shop or website needs debugging or fixing.‭ ‬Those who are looking to hire do not even have to pay monthly fees to list freelance jobs.‭ ‬Even agencies looking can expect high quality output that are up to spec from those on-demand hands ready to fulfill their clients requirements.‭

9.‭ ‬WorknHire.‭  ‬Worknhire is a freelance marketplace for India.‭ ‬The platform is an easy to access portal that connects start-ups and small business with freelancers or independent professional service providers,‭ ‬hence provides customized solution for the Indian market.

Projects posted on this platform are as follows:‭ ‬IT‭ & ‬Programming,‭ ‬Graphic Design,‭ ‬Content Writing,‭ ‬Data Entry,‭ ‬Finance and Sales‭ & ‬Marketing.

10.‭ Squadhelp.‭ ‬Do you find it easy to coin a name for a product,‭ ‬brand,‭ ‬design,‭ ‬or app‭? ‬How about creating a tagline‭? ‬Or creating a logo for a brand or a company‭? ‬If you think you have a knack for words,‭ ‬you can use that gift to make money by creating a free account on‭

Customers create a contest on the platform and waits for submissions from creatives‭ (‬that’s how freelancers on this platform are called‭) ‬until the set deadline for submission of entries.‭ ‬Winners may earn from‭ ‬$100‭ ‬-‭ ‬$350,‭ ‬even more,‭ ‬depending on the prize set by the contest launcher.‭ ‬Payments are made thru PayPal‭ ‬or Payoneer‭.


Payoneer: Earn $25 for each referral

11.‭ ‬Beehance.‭ ‬Behance is a freelancer platform where creative professionals may showcase their portfolios,‭ ‬be appreciated,‭ ‬and find jobs.‭ ‬Design experts‭ ‬who are good at graphic design,‭ ‬drawing,‭ ‬painting,‭ ‬photography,‭ ‬and so on,‭ ‬will find‭ ‬Beehance a very welcoming place where one can build his portfolio and even land a dream job.

12.‭ ‬DesignHill.‭ ‬Designhill is a freelance platform designed for designers where they can earn,‭ ‬participate,‭ ‬work and share their work.‭ ‬It is a go-to hub for business owners who need high quality designs,‭ ‬such aslogos,‭ ‬website design and more at affordable prices.‭

13. Payforworks.‭ ‬Independent expert contractors may also find the range of freelancer jobs that payforworks offers quite encouraging.‭ ‬This platform connects prospective clients‭ ‬with UI designers,‭ ‬web programmers,‭ ‬artists,‭ ‬accountants, and other freelancers ready to provide services remotely.

14.‭ ‬Simplyhired.‭ ‬Here is another freelancer platform that connects professionals to millions of jobs anywhere in the world.‭

15.‭ ‬Toptal.‭ ‬Toptal is a freelancer portal where the top‭ ‬3%‭ ‬of world-class talents are available on demand.‭

‬You‭’‬ll‭ ‬get the chance to be hired by the world’s top organizations,‭ ‬so if you consider yourself amongst the cream of the cream,‭ ‬you may just as well consider signing up for free on this website and showcase your talent to be found by one of the top recruiting companies in the world.‭

Registration on the website is necessary as it makes possible for the site security features to be employed and keep scammers off the site.‭ ‬

Most work from home websites require job applicants or freelancers to pass some tests,‭ ‬most of which the freelancers or you have the choice to take or not, however.‭ ‬There are a couple of tests that are required though.‭ ‬If you have the basic skills needed for specific jobs,‭ ‬you will definitely ace those tests anyway.‭

For some of the jobs that you may be skilled to do,‭ ‬you may find them in the following categories:

Content Writing
One of the most common online jobs for freelancers is content writing.‭ ‬When it comes to writing content,‭ ‬there are multiple ways that you can apply or bid for a job if you have a way with words or if you know how to do a specific content form.‭

‬You could be writing posts,‭ ‬SEO articles,‭ ‬business correspondence,‭ ‬email content,‭ ‬copywriting or marketing copies,‭ ‬ebook content,‭ ‬product reviews,‭ ‬product descriptions,‭ ‬press releases,‭ ‬news content,‭ ‬academic papers,‭ ‬and so on.‭ ‬These type of work usually require that you also proofread and edit your work.‭

There is a huge market for freelance writers as businesses understands that they do have a lot to gain by publishing high-quality content on their websites.‭

‬It is true that content is king when it comes to online businesses.‭ ‬After all,‭ ‬it is well-written,‭ ‬engaging content that drives traffic to a business.‭ ‬Quality content is also necessary for SEO,‭ ‬which helps websites to show up higher in search results.

As a freelancer writer,‭ ‬you get to connect with clients from all over the world,‭ ‬you get to promote products,‭ ‬technology,‭ ‬and so on. All that you will need to do your work is a Microsoft Word, a reliable grammar checker  and an internet connection.



Proofreading and Editing
Not all good writers are not all great proofreader,‭ ‬and vice versa.‭ ‬For this reason,‭ ‬there are companies that would also hire a writer and an editor or a proofreader separately.

Transcription and Data Entry
Transcription is another freelancer job that can be done completely online.‭ ‬It is common in the medical,‭ ‬legal,‭ ‬and market research fields.‭

‬If you are considering of doing a transcriptionist or a data entry specialist,‭ ‬you will need to be familiar with the terminology before doing it.‭ ‬Such jobs require a typing skill and attention to detail that are above average.

Graphic Designing
There is a huge demand in the market for graphic designers today as well.‭ ‬Logo creation,‭ ‬designing ebook covers,‭ ‬banners,‭ ‬website,‭ ‬labels,‭ ‬video editing,‭ ‬and so on.‭

Online Tutoring
Another job available is tutoring job.‭ ‬Such a job normally can be done offline,‭ ‬but with the internet,‭ ‬tutors can now teach from anywhere.‭

Virtual Assistant
Many companies today are leveraging on the power of the internet.‭ ‬For those who find scheduling meetings,‭ ‬replying to emails,‭ ‬placing orders,‭ ‬maintaining a wordpress website or a social media page of a client,‭ ‬and other similar jobs,‭ ‬will find working as a virtual assistant satisfying.‭

PR and Marketing
PR and marketing professionals will also find it encouraging to note that there are also companies that require their skills.‭ ‬The roles that you will do will just be same as what a traditional marketer does.‭

It is possible to sell services as well as products,‭ ‬whether physical or otherwise.‭ ‬Many freelancers nowadays have enjoyed the profits they get from selling on platforms as Amazon,‭ ‬Ebay,‭ ‬Etsy,‭ ‬even on social networking sites.‭ ‬You can even create or sell e-books,‭ ‬apps,‭ ‬invites,‭ ‬and so on.‭

Web and App Development
For those who have a knock for coding,‭ ‬can also do some web development or app customization jobs online.‭

3D Modeling and CAD
3D modeling and computer aided design‭ (‬CAD‭) ‬jobs require that you have the technical knowledge and background.‭ ‬You will need to create models of functional products,‭ ‬structures,‭ ‬and everything that will demonstrate how the models that you create work in the real world.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post,‭ ‬there are several portals that you can leverage on to start with your freelancing journey.‭ ‬

As a starter,‭ ‬you may want to check on the following websites.‭ ‬Again,‭ ‬you will need to create a free account on these portals and build your profile.‭ ‬After which,‭ ‬you can start applying to every available job that you may find inviting.‭

You will need to communicate well with your client.‭ ‬Once you start working for a client,‭ ‬you need to make sure that you need to deliver work in time to buyer.

Having said all these,‭ ‬you can now start your freelancing journey and get paid doing what you love.‭ ‬You will need to be patient at the start to build your portfolio if you decide to do the freelancing job for a client or a buyer,‭ ‬start your own e-commerce store,‭ ‬or whatever you decide to do to make money online or to create passive sources of income.‭


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