Get Cash Fast with GCash: GCash App Review

Whether you are your own boss or working for another business, efficient customer service is an element that you should never fail to provide as this is one of the key elements that drives success to any business. And by customer service, I mean more than just a call center (or person) that receives, processes, or directs queries and concerns to designated offices or individuals. You also need to rely on current technology to satisfy your customers’ every changing needs. And one of the tools that can be quite handy for Filipino workers and businesses in terms of providing efficient financial services is GCash.


GCash: A Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Business and LifeStyle Solution

For me, a cashless transaction is always the better option. Waiting in line is not something I would be happy to spend time on. Whether it be paying bills, getting cash from an ATM, buying daily essentials, securing documents, and other things that can be done with a few clicks of a mouse. It is also a smart way to save on gas and energy to look for an available ATM, nearest payment facility, shop or business.

Fortunately, there are apps and online platforms that can make life a lot easier, especially during the pandemic.

But long before there were apps like the GCash money app, I had been using PayPal,, Payoneer, and other online platforms that allow me to do what I have to with the time that could have just been wasted had I opted to use what others may consider the usual way of doing things. And for many others who want to save time, money, and energy doing their every day task, having a service provider that offers efficient service is vital.

Apps, are cost-effective, time-efficient solutions that allow you to enjoy more of what your day has to offer with the time that you have. As long as you have a mobile phone with wi-fi access, you can do most stuff anywhere and any time with an app such as this money app.

Fast Facts About GCash

This app is more than just an an e-wallet that you can use to send and receive money to and from anywhere in the world. You may access the app 247 to transact with more than 73, 000 merchants, pay bills to more than 400 billers nationwide, and send and receive money to more than 40 banks in the Philippines. And with more than 10M downloads, there is no denying that this app has been making life a lot easier to many.

GCash is operated by Globe Fintech Innovations Inc (Mynt), which is a part of the portfolio companies of 917Ventures, a corporate incubator owned by Globe Telecom Inc.

With this money app, you can get cash fast, send or transfer money to anyone with an account with any of its partner merchants, pay bills, buy e-load, buy movie tickets, even save and invest money with a few taps on your mobile phone. It is a self-serving, digital solution that can help you do more in less time. That being said, you will have more time doing your work or business online.

GCash Dashboard

How Do You Register with GCash?

GCash is open to all networks, which means anyone with an active mobile phone number on any Android or iOS device and have access to the internet may download the app and register.

Register a free account with GCash here.

Step 1. Go to Google Playstore or App Store to download and install the app.

Step 2. Open the app and enter your mobile number. Tap “Next” to proceed.

Step 3. Provide your personal information (name, birthdate, address, and email address) and tap “Next” to continue.

Step 4. Set your 4-digit mobile PIN (MPIN) and click “Submit”. Keep your MPIN safe and make sure that no one knows your MPIN other than you as this will be your password to access and use your GCash account.


REMINDER: Official GCash representatives will never ask for your MPIN. Keep your account secured and transact only with trusted merchants and parties.


Step 5. Read through the Terms and Conditions and tap “Submit.”

Step 6. You will receive an SMS confirmation of your registration through the mobile number you used to register an account with the GCash app. Open the app, re-enter your mobile number, then proceed to the next steps to log in.

Step 7. Use the 6-digit authentication code that you will receive via SMS in the device authentication page. This will authorize the app to link to your device. However, the authentication period lasts only for 90 days, after which you will need to authenticate your device again.

Once you have authenticated your device, you can access GCash dashboard any time anywhere. Just open the app and enter your 4-digit GCash MPIN to access your dashboard.


Unlock All GCash Features

To unlock all of the features of the GCash app, you need have your account fully verified. Take note that you need to be ready to provide a selfie and a snapshot of a valid government issued ID. To do this, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Login to your GCash account on your device.

Step 2. Tap the menu bar located on the upper left corner of the screen and tap “Verify Now.”

Step 3. Click on “Get Fully Verified” then click “Next.”

Step 4. Choose a valid ID, click “Next,” and take a picture of the ID.

Step 5. Tap “Next” and take a selfie. Make sure to submit a sharp picture of yourself. Submitting a soft, blurry or pixelated image may be rejected and you may be asked to do send another selfie.

Step 6. Provide the required information and make sure everything is accurate.

Step 7. Accept the Terms and Conditions and tap “Confirm.”

Step 8. Wait for GCash to confirm your fully verified account.

How Do You Cash In To Your GCash Wallet?

There are several options for you to choose from to load your GCash Wallet, as follows:

  • PayPal
  • Bank
  • Over-the-counter transfer via partner outlets (TouchPay stations, Pay&Go, Ministop, Lason, Shell SELECT, Mercury Drug, Puregold, Savemore, SM Hypermart, SM Supermarket, Gaisano Grand, All Day Supermarket, Easy Day Shop, Robinsons, Villarica, Tambunting, RD Pawnshop, Palawan, Globe Store, Bayad Center, EC Pay, Express Pay, DigiPay, PERA Hub, TrueMoney, Posible, 7-Eleven, and LBC outlets).



How do you link your bank account to GCash?

Before you can transfer money to your GCash wallet from your bank account, you need to link your bank account to your GCash account.

To do this, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on the menu bar on the upper left corner of the screen, then, tap “My Linked Accounts” then tap “My Bank Cards.”

Step 2. Tap “Add Card” and provide the required details.

Step 3. You will be redirected to your to your bank’s verification page. Use the one-time password (OTP) code that your bank will send via SMS to proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Once your bank details has been verified by GCash, you will receive an SMS that indicates that your bank is now linked to GCash.

Note: GCash offers zero transaction fees to BPI, RCBC, and Unionbank. Other banks may charge from PHP 10 – PHP 25 per transaction, however.

Cash-In to GCash via PayPal

Another good thing about this app is that it can be linked to a PayPal account. It is a convenient way to send your PayPal balance or convert your money to Philippine Peso. To cash-in using your PayPal money, you need to link your PayPal account to your GCash account first.

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Tap the menu bar on your GCash dashboard, then tap “My Linked Accounts.”

Step 2. Tap PayPal and enter your PP account’s email address. This action will redirect you to the PayPal login page. Enter your email and password, tick the two boxes, and tap “Authorize.”

Step 3. Once you have linked your GCash account to your PayPal account, go to the dashboard and tap “Cash-In.”

Step 4. Tap the “Remittance” tab and tap “PayPal.”

Step 5. Enter the desired amount, tap “Next,” and tap “Confirm.”

Step 6. You will receive a text confirmation of the completed transaction.

In my case almost all transactions that I have done via GCash, whether paying bills, sending money, cashing in via PayPal and Bank were almost instant, so I can say that having this app is a real time saver.



Send Money from Anywhere with GCash

This can be done in minutes. And if you send it to another with a verified GCash account, you won’t even have to pay any service fee. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Tap “Send Money” on your GCash dashboard.

Step 2. Choose the method of sending money that you prefer.

  • Express Send. You don’t even have to go to a remittance center to send money to a family member with this feature. All you need to provide is the person’s GCash assigned mobile number to send money.
  • Send with a Clip. You can also attach photos, videos, voice recordings, and themes for a personalized touch when you opt to send money with this option.
  • Ang Pao. You may even want to give monetary gifts to family and friends on special occasions using GCash Ang Pao feature.

As you may have noted, you can do practically almost anything with apps like GCash to buid your business or just make life easier.

Ready to try this app?

Download the GCash app now and unlock all the features it offers. Use this link to register:

Download GCash.


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