Speed Up Your Job Search with Job Fairs

Job fairs open doors of opportunities all at once. It is possible to connect with potential employers, be interviewed, even get hired the same day. Speed up your job search with job fairs. Events like this give the job seeker the opportunity to apply to several job openings within the same day without ever having to go to the company location. If you are planning to attend a job fair soon, it’s time that you prepare what you will need to be successful in it, and that includes creating job fair specific resumes.

Tips on Preparing for Job Fairs

Job fairs are usually set up based on a theme on various professions and careers. Most of the opportunities offer the job seekers the chance to speak with representatives and recruiters from various companies that are hiring new talented employees. Interviews are usually conducted on the spot, which speeds up the process of landing a job.

Prepare Job Specific Resumes

Before going to a job fair, you need to prepare resumes tailored for specific jobs that you intend to apply for. Craft a compelling career summary for each resume. The career summary presents an overview of your notable accomplishments and how you can be an asset for the company. Make sure to bring enough copies of your resumes.

Your resume should be limited to a page. Posts that date back to more than a decade ago can be included in a section categorized as “Prior Professional Experience” (or something similar heading). This section will include the employer’s name, your role, and employment dates.

It is also highly recommended that you register online before coming to the job fair. If you were not able to register, you will still have to register once you reach the venue for the event to attend the job fair .

A job fair is your chance to go beyond the usual resume and be more creative with the use of colors and graphics. You can also include your photo.

As a general rule, make sure that your resume is error-free.  You also need to build a customized resume that can pass resume robots to boost your interview chances .

Find related details about the potential employers

Usually, you can get a copy of the hiring company exhibitors. Make sure to research in advance about the potential employers, so you can come up with a list of the companies that you are most interested in. Remember that it is with a better understanding of these companies that you will be able to present yourself better, and provide them with a compelling idea on how you can be of value to them. It is also the best way that you can give an appropriate response should interview questions pop up if ever you would be fortunate enough to be interviewed.

Attending a job fair not only fast tracks a probable application process, it also gives you a chance to market yourself, and to make valuable contacts. If you are actively seeking employment, you may want to consider job fairs as an extremely significant source of opportunities.


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