WP Fotopress Review – Photoshop for WordPress, Access Millions of Images

Images are your keys to success. Internet marketers who have WordPress sites use at least two images in their post to attract more visitors. Anyone who doesn’t use images in their post will make it look so dull. People are more visual nowadays, so marketers should adapt to these kinds of changes. It may seem quite time consuming, but with WP Fotopress, finding the right picture for a post can be done easily and quickly. 

WordPress may have limited image functionalities.  What I mean by limited is that you can’t totally edit an image, and what’s worse is that they haven’t fix this demand till now. That’s why WP Fotopress is just the perfect solution. 


Introducing WP Fotopress!

This is a powerful WordPress software which adds a Photoshop-like editor inside your WordPress sites. What’s even better about this is that it finds millions of images for your blog posts. Amazing, right?

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  • Finds you 2 Million+ Royalty-Free images from 4 TOP SOURCES –Finding the right image for your blog content or website can be hard. It could sometime even take hours to pick the one that fits your site the best. Scouring 100’s of websites is not a good idea (or the best use of your time) that’s why we made it EXTREMELY SIMPLE – 1 click search that finds you over 2 million images right inside your WordPress site.
  • 1-Click Crop, Resize, Rotate And Edit – You may hardly use the images you find online exactly in the same size on your content pages – you need to MAKE IT FIT. That’s why we added a quick 1-click edit feature that makes it extremely simple for you to get the right size/shape of the image you want.
  •  FULL Photoshop Style EDITOR – The #1 feature that makes this plugin a must-have for every WordPress site, is its full featured editor that allows one to create, edit, re-touch, optimize and add effects to any number of images. Watch this Fotopress video DEMO to see how simple and extremely effective this is.
  • UNLIMITED LAYERS Support Inside The Editor – Never before has any other WordPress photo editor had the support for Unlimited LAYERS just like Photoshop which lets you do advanced editing tasks and create complex images super-fast.
  •  20+ Instagram like FILTERS – Instagram has taken social media by storm. Their strongest feature – Image Filters is now in your hands right inside your WordPress site. Now you can pick from any of the 20+ filters and make your images stand out from the rest in 1-click.
  • 100+ Special Effects For Your Images – Advanced effects is what Photoshop is known for, and we made sure you had all those effects for your images inside your WordPress sites as well. Now you can apply a COMBINATION of 100+ effects to your images and create unlimited complex images for yourself.
  •  SEO Optimize Every Image You Add – 99% of Marketers/Site owners never SEO-optimize their images and miss out on a huge amount of easy to get traffic that comes from Google Image search. Don’t make that mistake because we’ve made it extremely SIMPLE to SEO your images.


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How Does It Work?

This is super easy to use. You don’t need a Photoshop skills to use this. You don’t believe me? Let’s go check this demo video:


Good Points

  • Prevents you from doing extra work outside your WordPress site.
  • Newbie-friendly.
  • Apply Instagram like filters.
  • Responsive Technical Support.
  • Amazing bonuses are included.


WP Foto Press

Bad Points

  • You will need a stable internet connection.
  • You will need to contact support desk if you have questions.


Never have to worry editing your images outside your WordPress sites anymore. This is the missing piece that will complete your site and take you to the next level.

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WP Fotopress

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