10 Health And Fitness Magazines That Offer Paying Writing Jobs

Paying writing jobs offered by online publications is another option you may consider if you are looking to work from home or work from anywhere. And if you are looking to get paid to write, you may want to check out the list included in this post.

Health and wellness is a common concern of the majority of population anywhere in the world. It isn’t just a trending topic that will lose its significance at one point in time, however. And the reasons for this trend are quite easy to understand. It is normal for anyone to be thinking about his or her individual health every now and then. For this reason alone, a great percentage of businesses drive their efforts to address a trillion dollar need that will bring in the profit any time of the year. And according to the Global Wellness Institute, “[the] global wellness economy was a $4.5 trillion market (…that was) in 2018.”

And as no one would ever want to neglect his or her health, many publications (both online and offline) target this market to widen their reach or build their businesses. They focus on providing resources for health-conscious readers who are looking for articles related to health and wellness.

Such demand gives way to opportunities for those who would like to benefit from businesses that offer paying writing jobs, including these health and fitness magazines.

10 Health and Fitness Magazines That Offer Paying Writing Jobs

10 Health and Fitness Magazines That Offer Paying Writing Jobs


This bimonthly lifestyle magazine is noted as the oldest health magazine in existence today. Its first publication rolled out in 1885. Vibrant life strives to provide “practical, affordable suggestions that fit into demanding schedules [to] help people prevent and fight disease[s]”. They focus on presenting their approach with “mental clarity and spiritual balance from a practical, Christian perspective.” This publication looks for articles that talk about everything from exercise and nutrition to interviews, self-help, environmental stewardship, spiritual balance and families.

Its writer’s guidelines’ page indicates that payments are made once articles are accepted and ranges from $100 to $300, depending on the relevance of content, quality of expression, depth, and accurate use of up-to-date research findings.


EatingWell is a national food magazine that publishes articles that focus on healthy eating 10 times a year. They feature content that speaks to both men and women from the standpoints of cooking, nutrition science and food network-related social issues. This publication pays up to $1 per word.


NCF stands for Narramore Christian Foundation, a non-profit Christian organization, that focuses on servicing both Christian and non-Christian readers with contents that “range from those that deal with in-depth psychological problems, such as schizophrenia, to those that address communication and family relationships. Others deal with emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, and anger, and personal stories of coping or overcoming spiritual and emotional hardships.”

Writer’s Fee:

  • Articles between 1,200 to 1,700 words, an honorarium of $200;
  • Articles with less than 1,200 words, an honorarium of $125;
  • Previously published articles, a fee of $75 per article (except when the previous publisher has a standard fee and requires otherwise).

This submission guide provides additional information for those who may want to check what this publication offers.


This bimonthly publication relies entirely on freelancers for all the contents that will fill in every page that it publishes. Whole Lifetime Magazine accepts stories that focus on anything that deals with a “progressive, healthy lifestyle (i.e. holistic and integrative health, alternative healing, green living, sustainability and organic food, yoga, spirituality and personal growth, social responsibility, conscious business, the environment).”

As this publication is based in Southern California, it encourages submissions that center on topics that include a local angle and/or sources.

The pay rates vary and range from $25 to $150, depending on certain factors, including content length, topic, writer’s experience, and so on.


The Aquarian is a Canadian publication that offers both online and newsprint content to its readers. It focuses on “holistic health (natural, complementary, alternative) and progressive environmental, social, cultural, political and spiritual issues” to “shed new light on the path to greater meaning.”

Any style or slant is accepted, however, they encourage writers to submit “original feature articles, topical opinion pieces, interviews, reviews and book excerpts,” for their print publication.

For its online publication, The Aquarian looks for submission between 750 and 1000 words. It welcomes submission of contents that focus on the New Age Movement that are both informative as well as entertaining.

Its pay rates vary. Writer’s fees for newspaper articles typically submitted range from $25 to $50, while online articles’ pays range from $10 to $25.


Mother Earth Living has been serving contents that focus on the benefits of self-reliance for more than 50 years now. This publication accepts content that focuses on maintaining a healthy, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Its freelance writers’ guidelines do not list specific payment information, but it does mention that it pays upon publication.


Inside Fitness Magazine welcomes submissions from qualified industry professionals. This Canadian publication covers everything from training to food and nutrition.

If you have an editorial-worthy idea to share, you may want to get in touch with the publication’s editor. No specific information regarding pay rates is listed, however.


Readers, health experts, as well as freelance writers are welcome to submit any content that focuses on cancer. The publication requires a medical writing background and provides specific writing guidelines that cover everything from queries to fact-checking procedures.

9. IDEA Publications

IDEA Health and Fitness Association has been communicating with fitness professionals in more than 80 countries for over 36 years now. It has four publications that target fitness professionals, including personal trainers, fitness instructors and health and wellness professionals – IDEA Fitness Journal, IDEA Trainer Success, IDEA Fitness Manager and IDEA Pilates Today.

This author guidelines page offers additional information regarding submission requirements.

Though their website does not specify pay rates, it does indicate that they pay “within 60 days of final acceptance.”


Healthy Living Magazine has been providing daily health news for more than 18 years now. If you are looking for a platform that will extend your content’s reach, you may also consider submitting written content using this submission page. And as this online magazine has about 255,000 monthly unique visitors, promoting your content will be quite easy.

Its website indicates that it is a “platform for different opinions of many writers and does not conduct clinical trials or research to confirm statements made by any authors.” It also stays mum on its writer’s fees. However, it does indicate that it “does not pay “kill fee”- a fee for written, submitted, but not accepted article, including cases when an article was commissioned by HL.”

Have you written for other health or fitness publications that offer paying writing jobs? How did you pitch your article?

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